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Anya, Hong Kong, on Discovering a Different Side of the City

This interview is part of the Bamboo Scenes “Around the World” series. Each month, we’ll be introducing our readers to one of our happy clients to talk about their experience with Bamboo Scenes and memories of Hong Kong.

Bamboo Scenes Around The World Series Anya Apelbaum Hong Kong Photography Art Prints

Who are you? 

My name is Anya Apelbaum. I was born in Russia, but grew up in Israel and lived in the UK before moving to Hong Kong.

What's your connection to Hong Kong?

I’ve been here for the last 13 years. My youngest daughter was born here and this is home for me. I love this unique city for its blend of East and West, concrete jungle and green jungle, and its authentic nature.

Bamboo Scenes Around The World Series Anya Apelbaum Hong Kong Photography Art Prints

How did you come across Bamboo Scenes?

I heard about it from its incredible founder – Madelon. I knew Madelon personally and knew how talented she is and that she had an eye for special art, so I decided to look more into it. A quick look at the Bamboo Scenes website was enough for me to see that it had a very beautiful and unique collection of photography art prints by talented local photographers which I loved.

What do you like about Bamboo Scenes?

It’s a very refreshing look into photography specifically and the gallery concept in general. I love that the different artists Bamboo Scenes represents have a unique way of seeing and capturing Hong Kong that allows viewers to see this city through their eyes. And, the whole experience of choosing a photography art print—whether for wall décor in your home or a conversation starter in the office—is very enjoyable! 

The service is exceptional, too—responses are very fast, no request is too much, and they’ll even send a handyman to install the print on the wall! I also like the different options they offer—you can choose the print quality, size, and frame colour to create something that’s your own. And, of course, the fact that there are only 50 copies of each photography art print in the world makes it very special.

What have you bought from Bamboo Scenes?

It was a very hard choice for me as I loved quite a few of the works from Bamboo Scenes’ collection. Eventually, though, I decided to purchase “An Island” by Kelvin Yuen. It’s a magnificent shot of Ma On Shan peak from over 700 meters in the air. 

I already have my eye on another print that shows Hong Kong from a completely different perspective! 

Bamboo Scenes Artist Kelvin Yuen 'An Island' Man On Shan Hong Kong

An Island by Bamboo Scenes Artist Kelvin Yuen

What drew you to this piece?

I love mountains and I love sunrises—it’s my favourite time of the day! And the way Kelvin captured the mountain with the fog and mist, with these spectacular colors and the hint of the sun starting to rise, is just breathtaking! It’s a timeless piece that will always remind me of a very different Hong Kong. It’s not your regular city view but something I discovered only in the last few years through ReTribe—the city’s magnificent nature, mountains, and sunrises.

How have you displayed it in your home?

I’ve hung it in my bedroom! Every morning when I wake up, it’s the first thing I see and I love it.

Bamboo Scenes Anya Apelbaum Around The World Series Photography Art Print Hong Kong

Have you had people commenting about your photography art print?

Yes, people find it beautiful and everyone is very curious about the location. People also just find it very cool that it’s a place they know but have never seen it from this angle. 

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