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How to Pick Conversation-Starting Artworks for Your Dining Room

Your dining space is a special place in your home. A place of gathering, good food, and laughter, your dining room might be where you enjoy intimate family dinners, fun evenings with friends, or even celebratory occasions. So it makes sense that you’ll want to pay special attention to your dining room when putting together your home decor. And, the right wall art could make all the difference. So, we’ve made it easy! We’ve put together five expert-approved tips for choosing the right art for your dining room. Because you’ve got enough to worry about with putting dinner on the table!


Tip 1: Find a conversation starter

Whether you’re choosing Hong Kong photography or other types of artworks, these pieces can act as a great focal point for your dining room. And, art prints can be a great conversation starter when you’re entertaining at home. Your stories of the art, its artist, and how you acquired it can make for riveting stories and conversations during your dinner party. But if you’re unsure of what to look for, don’t be put off. We know that picking art can be a commitment when you’re not sure about what to look for. 

Tips for finding art that talks: Don’t pick a piece of art because it’s by a popular artist or is a style you think you should love. Picking art is a personal choice, so look for something that speaks to you and creates some sort of feeling and emotion within. And, if you have a great story about finding it, all the better! 

Hong Kong Landscape Photography Art Print by Kelvin Yuen"Is this really Hong Kong?" - An Island by Bamboo Scenes artist Kelvin Yuen


Tip 2: Pick your space 

Whatever type of wall decor you choose for your dining room, it should perfectly fit the space you plan to put it. Remember this as a rule of thumb: big spaces require big art! If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings and a big dining space, then you could choose a big piece of art—or create a gallery wall with several pieces. Don’t forget that you need to identify exactly where the piece will sit. A contemporary design aesthetic is to pick an oversized artwork, place it on the floor, and lean it against an empty wall. But, this only works if you have a big dining room. If your artwork is going to sit directly above one side of your dining table, you’ll need something smaller. 

Tips for choosing a space: You’ll want a clean wall with plenty of space around all four sides of your wall decor. And, try not to put your art print too close to the dining table itself. You don’t want any accidental food splatters ending up on your masterpiece! If you’re still unsure, reach out to us—we can offer advice on choosing the perfect print for your space. 

what wall art to choose for your dining room interior design
It's dinner time! What piece of art would you put on the wall above this dining table? 


Tip 3: Decide on a style 

To create a truly beautiful dining room, you’ll want to decide on a cohesive design aesthetic. This means that the overall look should fit together, from the furniture style and complementary colors to the overall ambiance. When picking your wall art for your dining room, think about what vibe you’re going for. If your furniture is mostly black and white, you might choose an art print with plenty of color to act as a focus. And, if your dining set has a vintage look, picking an art print that’s Surrealist or hyper-modern might be jarring. As for the subject, just remember where this art will go. Dark, violent pieces might be a little intense for your dinner table, but abstract pieces, natural scenes, street photography, and still-lifes could be a lovely addition.

Tips for picking a style: Flip through some magazines—you could try something like Home Journal, Tatler Homes, or Design Anthology to get an idea of what you want your dining room to look like and how colors and furniture can be well-complemented by your chosen art. 

Hong Kong Fine Art Photography Print by Artist Jeremy Cheung at Dining RoomArt on the wall: Old Splash, New Ride by Bamboo Scenes artist Jeremy Cheung


Tip 4: Don’t limit yourself to one piece

Just because it’s one room - or space - it doesn’t mean you have to stick to just one gorgeous art print! Think of this as a chance to get creative. You could pick one large piece of art to draw the eye and become the focus of your dining room. Or, you could put together a collage of several smaller pieces that are equally intriguing. 

We can help! Our photography art prints come in four different sizes. If you want something big, try our “Epic” size to fill your space. If you want to put a few art prints together as a collage, then why not try putting three of our “Classic” sized prints together? Learn more on how to acquire our art at "How It Works".

Tips for deciding how many pieces you need: Think about how big your dining room is and how much space you have to play with. Often, one well-chosen piece is enough. But, if you have plenty of space—or perhaps several walls—you could put together a compelling series. Just remember to leave a bit of space between your art prints. 

Hong Kong wall art at our Photography Exhibition for design inspiration
Pink inspirations at our Hong Kong exhibition (Left: "Dreaming of Pink", Right: "Pink" Large Art Prints, Premium Frames)


Tip 5: Commit to Quality 

You’ve spent so much time choosing the right art print for your dining room, so the last thing you want to do is throw it up on the wall and call it a day. Framing your art can lend an extra layer of elegance and sophistication (translation: it will look less like a poster on the wall). And, if you’re picking a photography art print, it’s especially important to choose good materials, as paper can be more delicate than canvas. We use only premium Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper from Germany and special UV-blocking cover, both of which are designed to protect your artwork for years. 

Tips for framing: Don’t forget that customizing your framing can add another bit of personality to your art and dining room. White is great for that minimalist feel, black offers a traditional, clean look, while natural wood fits well with Scandi-design style. And, we offer all three colors with our custom-built, handmade frames!

Fine Art Photography Frame for Hong Kong Wall Art Print
Our handmade art frame, locally made with care by our team of craftsmen


Dine better

Art says a lot about the person who owns it, which is why it’s so deeply personal. But when it comes to your dining room, you need to think a bit beyond what you love. Take your time to consider what you want your dining space to look and feel like, and take measurements to plan the appropriate installation.


Don’t forget—you can always ask us for personalized art advice! Connect with us at or schedule in a 15min Free Art Consultation via video with our team.  

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