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Bamboo Scenes Artwork Highlights: Harbour Views

Whether you’re choosing a photography art print for your dining room or perhaps a little something to liven up your workspace, it’s important to choose art that speaks to you. For those of us who’ve spent time in Hong Kong, the image of Victoria Harbour will forever remain with us.

Bamboo Scenes Interior Art Prints by Hong Kong Photographers

Whether you see it from the Peak, the top of the ICC, or from the Central Harbourfront, you’ll never forget your first glimpse of Hong Kong’s iconic harbour and skyline. From the skyscrapers along the waterfront to the Star ferry that shuttles between Central and Kowloon, Victoria Harbour casts a spell over everyone that sees it, and that’s part of what makes it such a compelling subject for photographers. 

At one point or another, all of our Bamboo Scenes artists have photographed Hong Kong’s most recognisable view. So to pay homage, we’re dedicating our first Bamboo Scenes Artwork Highlights to three pieces from our current collection that capture the magic of Victoria Harbour. 


Golden Days

Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Artist Elaine Li Photograph Golden Days Central Harbourfront Golden Days (2017)Elaine Li 

In this tightly cropped shot, Elaine has created a truly special view of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. All the classic elements of this view are captured in this image, from the instantly recognizable Bank of China and Bank of America buildings to the gentle waves of the harbour and the iconic Star Ferry. 

What makes this image so special, though, are the little details that the casual viewer might glance over. It’s the ethereal Golden Hour glow that casts a nostalgic pink-orange hue over the scene and the plume of engine smoke from the Star Ferry that capture the complexity of the city. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of modernity and nostalgia. 

Dusk Life By The Harbour 

Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Artist Jeremy Cheung Dusk Life By The Harbour, KowloonDusk Life by the Harbour (2020) - Jeremy Cheung

Jeremy's photographs capture Hong Kong's multifaceted layers by juxtaposing the city's dense urban landscape with its residents' daily lives, and this striking image is a prime example of his style.

Hong Kong’s traditional fishermen are the focus of this image, captured in silhouette looking for their catch of the day. In the background, across the expanse of water that is the harbour, are the towering skyscrapers of the Kowloon peninsula. The sharply contrasting image captures the colliding of old and new that is the essence of Hong Kong.

What if the Sky is for Show & The Aliens are Watching 

Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Artist Vivien Liu Photograph What If The sky Is For Show & The Aliens Are Watching, Causeway Bay

What if the Sky is for Show & The Aliens are Watching (2017) - Vivien Liu

The setting sun, the neon lights of the Hong Kong skyline, and the spectacular display of clouds and colours come together to create an otherworldly image of Victoria Harbour at dusk. For first-time visitors to the city, Hong Kong is a world unto its own and in this dramatic photography art print, Vivien captures the city’s mystical appeal. 

At moments like these, Vivien often wonders what aliens would think of Hong Kong and our world at large. Between the vivid colours and the spacious harbour fringed by a dense landscape of skyscrapers, it’s certainly a question to ponder while taking in this unique view of Causeway Bay and Central.


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