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Bamboo Scenes Begins a New Chapter

Get ready, Hong Kong! Bamboo Scenes is kicking off a brand new chapter this summer with the launch of an elevated brand concept and exciting new exhibition in an incredible Central location overlooking the city. With a tightly curated, personalized format, Bamboo Scenes brings Hong Kong to life with an exclusive collection of dynamic photographic art prints by insightful local artists. Focusing on discovering Hong Kong’s best artists and making their works accessible to all, Bamboo Scenes will help art aficionados connect with talented local photographers and buy exclusive photo art prints that have a personal connection.

With a tightly curated, personalized format, Bamboo Scenes brings Hong Kong to life with an exclusive collection of dynamic photographic art prints by insightful local artists.

Bamboo Scenes’ bold new chapter places the emphasis firmly on quality and value. To capture the essence of the city and its art scene, the brand works with a collective of just eight artists that represent the most exciting photographers in Hong Kong. They are: 

  • Kelvin Yuen - 2020 International Landscape Photographer of the Year 
  • Jeremy Cheung - winner of 2017 National Geographic Hong Kong Youth Photo Competition
  • Elaine Li - award-winning international photographer and Instagrammer
  • Kevin Mak - owner of 1km Studio and co-founder of streetsignsHK movement
  • Vivien Liu - international photographer and architect
  • May N. Kasahara - experimental photographer
  • Gideon de Kock - South African street and film photographer
  • Sharon Liu - financier turned dynamic photographer
Hong Kong Photographer Artist Jeremy Cheung of Bamboo ScenesBamboo Scenes Photography Artist Jeremy Cheung


Alongside a more curated collection, Bamboo Scenes will offer an online art experience through its website that will set the tone for the improved brand concept. An ongoing series of highly personal, dynamic videos will follow each artist through their unique experience of Hong Kong and highlight the experienced local craftsmen that help create each piece of art. Bolstering the video content, a collection of lively, focused articles on the blog will tell the stories behind each piece of art and take readers on a deep-dive into the world of photography. By creating an emotional connection between art enthusiasts, the artists, and the artwork, Bamboo Scenes aims to build a vibrant artistic community centered in Hong Kong but with a global reach. This intuitive style is designed to make art approachable, reframe the gallery concept, offer dynamic exhibitions, and change the way we experience art. 

Going beyond the visual, Bamboo Scenes will also host regular in-person events and interactive experiences that allows the public to engage with Hong Kong’s art scene. The first of these will be Hong Kong Contrasts, an immersive five-day exhibition where visitors can meet like-minded art lovers, connect with artists, and participate in talks. After this, exhibitions will pop-up all across Hong Kong, turning the city into a moveable gallery. 

Artists Kevin Mak, Vivien Liu and Jeremy Cheung at Hong Kong Contrasts exhibition


Proving just how serious they are about quality, Bamboo Scenes will also use only the highest-quality materials to present its photographic art prints. Each art print is made using certified Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper and an exceptional printing method to create a truly stunning work of art. Customization options give buyers the chance to make their art truly personal - just pick a frame color (Black, White, or Natural Wood) and quality type (Premium or Museum) and your art will be encased in a made-to-order frame designed by one of the best craftsmen in town. 

Bamboo Scenes Founder & CEO Madelon de Grave


I’m very excited to kick off this next chapter and share the stories of our artists and their works.” says Madelon de Grave, Founder of Bamboo Scenes. “Our elevated brand concept will offer a new, more accessible way for art enthusiasts around the world to engage with Hong Kong’s vibrant art scene and see the city through the eyes of the best local photographers. We want to push the boundaries of what people think ‘art’ and ‘galleries’ can be to create a truly international art brand that peels back the layers of Hong Kong—and the other cities we will eventually expand into.


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