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Bamboo Scenes Takes on the Metaverse with “A Woman’s World”

New exhibition by Bamboo Scenes in collaboration with Oncyber is Asia’s first to highlight NFTs by Hong Kong’s Female Artists

In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Bamboo Scenes will host an exciting new exhibition honoring local female artists and exploring the thrilling possibilities of the Metaverse. On March 24, the Hong Kong-based curator of fine photography art prints will expand its curation beyond photography to open “A Woman’s World,” the first exhibition in Hong Kong—and Asia—to exclusively showcase NFTs by Hong Kong’s most talented female artists.

Since embarking on a new chapter in July 2021, Bamboo Scenes has moved its offerings into the digital realm, hosting well-received experiences and events online. Now, the brand is stepping into the rich world of the Metaverse to curate NFT art it loves. Bamboo Scenes is jumping into a world it fully believes in by hosting “A Woman’s World” in the Metaverse. 

To present “A Woman’s World,” Bamboo Scenes has teamed up with Oncyber, a platform designed to display NFTs in an immersive 3D environment. Oncyber works with Metaverse architects to create bespoke spaces that NFT collectors and artists can set up their own galleries to display NFTs. 

The Concept

"World of Woman - Woman #4311 by NFT Artist Payal Shah (Private Collection)
"World of Woman - Woman #4311 by NFT Artist Payal Shah (Private Collection)

“A Woman’s World” is a celebration of female artistic power in Hong Kong—and the Metaverse. For the exhibition, Bamboo Scenes has handpicked four outstanding local female artists to showcase the possibilities of NFT art with a highly curated selection of digital art. Each artist has forged her own successful career in art and is now moving into the world of NFTs. From women in NFTs to the women of Web3, the future is female. And, as a female-founded and driven brand, this is an exciting moment for Bamboo Scenes.

As a fully virtual, immersive exhibition, visitors will be able to enjoy "A Woman's World" wherever and whenever they like. From the moment the exhibition's virtual doors open, visitors will be able to experience it for themselves from wherever in the world they are and-thanks to the 247 opening hours-at any time they choose to.

On entering the exhibition, visitors can experience every single piece of art through the high-quality 3D world rendered by Oncyber. Those with a virtual reality (VR) device can enjoy a rich life-like experience, but even those accessing the “metaspace” with their laptops or mobile devices will enjoy a fully immersive experience. Each artwork is also accompanied by detailed “Curator’s Notes” that take viewers further into the artist’s thoughts, allowing them to go beyond the merely visual, as is always Bamboo Scenes’ aim. 

And to take it one step further, Bamboo Scenes’ team of curators will organize virtual talks with the artists, as well as a guided tour on their YouTube channel to fully delve into the stories behind the art.

The Artists

Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Photography Artist'Julia #1', I know That Feeling Collection, (Moscow, 2018), NFT Art by Artist Vivien Liu

Each of the four female digital artists Bamboo Scenes has chosen for “A Woman’s World” has created a strong community of followers and fans over the years. Vivien Liu—who is among the curator’s original collective of eight artists and are expanding into NFTs—have amassed over 260,000 and 246,000 dedicated Instagram followers and, like the other artists in this exhibition, understand the power of personal branding and the potential of Web3. Also participating in the exhibition are Claudia Chanhoi, a Gen T artist who’s breaking the taboos of sexuality; Sharmaine Kwan, a new media artist who will mint an exclusive NFT to showcase the ripple effect of promoting women in Web3; and Payal Shah, a renowned collector of women’s NFTs and “World of Women” owner, who has also launched her own wearable NFT for her jewelry brand L’Dezen.

Delving into Web3

Radiate NFT Artwork by Hong Kong Female Artist Sharmaine Kwan

'Radiate', by NFT Artist Sharmaine Kwan

Bamboo Scenes is fully committed to exploring all the exciting possibilities of Web3, the Metaverse, and NFTs. “A Woman’s World” is just the first taste of how the brand plans to engage with this brave new world. Going forward, Bamboo Scenes will host monthly virtual exhibitions across a range of themes. In the summer, the team will be in Europe and New York City to connect with local artists and curate exhibitions that cover other global cities, and create an NFT collection with selected artists. The aim is to build a global community with perks around the world while supporting NFT art pioneers in global cities. 

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'End Of Summer' by Hong Kong NFT Female Artist Claudia Chanhoi
'End of Summer', by NFT Artist Claudia Chanhoi

“A Woman’s World” Event Details: 
Date: March 24 - April 30, 2022
Free Tickets:
Location: Virtual (virtual exhibition link revealed to ticket holders on Launch Date via email)

Interested in learning more about the NFT Art Exhibition, then head to our NFT Art Page


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