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5 Tips For Choosing Your Photography Art Print

Whether they meet us at our exhibitions in Hong Kong or find us in a Google search for great photography art for their homes, people always ask us the same questions: “How do I choose the right art for my home?” We get it. Our collection of Hong Kong photography is rich, and the world of art photography online is even broader, so it can all get a little overwhelming. But, the truth is, art should be simple and personal, and the journey of discovery should be one that you enjoy. To help you pick photography that speaks to you - and looks incredible in your home - we’re sharing five quick, easy tips for navigating your way through photographic art prints. Because life’s already complicated enough, but choosing art for your home shouldn’t be!

Hong Kong Film Street Photographer Gideon de Kock Art Print Old Man and Birds"The Old Man And The Birds" by Photographer Gideon de Kock


Tip 1: Moods matter

 How are you feeling? Or better yet, how do you want to feel? A piece of art captures an artist’s emotions and thoughts, and can also create feelings in the viewer. An artwork’s theme and colors can trigger your emotions and since you’re going to look at it every day, you want to be looking at something that makes you feel good. 

In a city like Hong Kong, there is so much visual conflict. East meets West, the old intertwines with the new, and concrete battles and co-exists in nature. Aesthetically, the landscape has a lot to offer, and a photographer’s personal history and relationship with the city will be reflected through their lens. Some artists, like Kelvin Yuen, showcase a tranquil, minimalist side of Hong Kong. Others, like Gideon de Kock, capture the city’s raw street life. But, if you’re looking for a sense of calm, you might want a piece by Sharon Liu, who captures Hong Kong’s dreamiest cityscapes on film. Or, if you want that sense of a bustling urban jungle, you might prefer the captivating skyline shots of Vivien LiuElaine Li, Jeremy Cheung, or Kevin Mak

Browse our collections to get a sense of what style of photography, moods, and colors you like - and trust your instincts. You’ll soon find pieces that speak to you, and your favorite images will be the perfect ones to display in your home.

Hong Kong Street Photographer Kevin Mak Art Print - Hi Shops"Hi, Shops' by Hong Kong Photographer Kevin Mak


Tip 2: Size it up

It’s not just the art itself that matters. Its size, relative to your home, is important, too. Some apartments can be small and your wall space might be limited. But, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with high ceilings, you might have a lot more space to play with. That’s why you need to pick a piece of art that will fill your wall and act as a point of focus, without completely overwhelming your apartment. To help with this, all our photographs are available in four sizes. Have plenty of space to fill? Go big with our “Epic” size. Need something a little smaller? Choose our “Classic” or “Minimal” options—the latter fits in your suitcase! If you want something in between, our “Large” prints fit most spaces. 

Tips for hanging your photo art prints: Make sure that you have enough wall space around all four sides of your art and make sure it isn’t placed too low. As a rule of thumb, the piece should be hung so that its center is at eye-level for the average person. But, it should also work with your furniture and ceiling height -you don’t want it two feet above your sofa and three feet below your ceiling! Need help with installation? Contact us - we can help arrange this in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Interior Design Sun Will Rise Tomorrow by Elaine LiOn The Wall: "Sun Will Rise Tomorrow" by Hong Kong Photographer Elaine Li


Tip 3: Choose customization 

First and foremost, art should always be about personal taste. It’s what you like that matters most. That’s why being able to customize your art is great - but you don’t need to make this overly complicated. All our art prints are rendered on certified Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, a premium framed fine art photographic paper. But, we give you three options for custom-made frame colors: Black, White, and Natural Wood. This allows you to pick a frame that perfectly suits your photo art print and your home aesthetics. To ensure the best quality and price, all our photographs are printed and framed in Hong Kong with high-quality paper and bespoke handmade wooden frames. 

Tips for picking a frame: A clean, minimalist white frame offers a refined aesthetic and suits most homes. 

Hong Kong Landscape Photographer Kelvin Yuen Art Print Heading To"Heading To" by Hong Kong Landscape Photographer Kelvin Yuen


Tip 4: Get creative!

Art should always be exactly what you want it to be, and that includes choosing how to display your pieces. It’s easy enough to pick one piece of art to showcase on one wall, but what about curating a compilation of several pieces that come together to create one seriously eye-catching focal wall? We love the look of mixing and matching prints of different sizes—but perhaps with similar themes and colors. Try picking one “Large” size print and four “Classic” prints to create a unique visual point in your home. 

Tips for creating a photographic compilation: If you want to place several pieces of art next to each other, make sure the print sizes have dimensions that will work together and create a sense of balance. All the dimensions for our four art print sizes can be found on our online gallery, so check these and see if the pieces you want will work together in your home. 

  Hong Kong Art Frame In Bedroom Jeremy Cheung"Signs of an Era" by Hong Kong Photographer Jeremy Cheung 


Tip 5: Just ask the experts 

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Not 100% confident about your choices? We’re happy to help! Get in touch with us for free advice about your art, whether it’s choosing art prints, deciding on sizing, or even planning installations. This is what we do - and we love doing it!—so give us a call or shoot us an email. Don’t be afraid to ask - we love talking about art and photography!

The personal touch 

Having art in your home creates a personal touch that is uniquely you. That’s why you should take your time to pick the right pieces and plan the appropriate installations. These tips will give you a better idea about how to find your perfect photography art print, but if you want personalized art advice, just let us know! You can connect with us via


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