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Curator’s Choice: Natalie Leung

Welcome to our ‘Curator’s Choice’ - a special series dedicated to help you navigate through our curated collection.

A true third-culture kid, Natalie Leung was raised between Hong Kong and Canada with a blended French and British educational background. Now back in Hong Kong, Natalie admits to having a complex relationship with the city she now lives in. “Especially in the past three years, since the protests and pandemic, I’m feeling the pressure points more acutely than ever. It’s a city of extreme contrasts which can be both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.”

Still, she finds solace in art. Natalie is the Asia-Pacific Partnerships Manager for Artsy, the largest online marketplace for contemporary art, and supports art galleries around the region as they launch their artists on the global platform.

Her favorite photographers are Fan Ho, Michael Wolf and Mous Lamrabat. She loves Ho’s use of shadow, light, and simple compositions to capture the Hong Kong of the 1950s and 1960s, evoking thoughts of how her parents lived and experienced this period. Natalie also holds a particular appreciation for Wolf’s “Architecture of Density” series, which she believes really makes the viewers feel the claustrophobia and compact density of Hong Kong, and Lambrabat’s merging of Western symbols with Eastern imagery to offer commentary of Western capitalism, consumerism, and traditionalism.

Architecture of Density Art Collection 81955), Hong Kong, by Michael Wolf
Architecture of Density Art Collection (1955), Hong Kong, by Michael Wolf

After stumbling across Bamboo Scenes, Natalie discovered how much the brand resonates with her personally. “I think Bamboo Scenes offers an accessible way for collectors to dip their toes into high-quality photography that has a strong narrative. I’m excited by their focus on female-driven digital art and NFTs, such as their recent “A Woman’s World” exhibition, in a male-dominated space. More importantly, Mei and Madelon are so wonderful to work with! Their work in supporting local photographers is hugely important.”

Natalie believes that Bamboo Scenes offers an accessible way for collectors to dip their toes into high-quality photography that has a strong narrative.

Curator's Choice Picks

The Old Man And The Birds - Gideon de Kock

"The Old Man And The Birds" (2016) by Gideon de Kock - Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Hong Kong
"The Old Man And The Birds" (2016) by Gideon de Kock - Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, Hong Kong

I love the closeness of this little workshop, and the conversation between the jumble of textures and his concentrated stillness. It is beautiful and captivating without asking to be noticed.

Pink - Gideon de Kock

“Pink” (2020) by Bamboo Scenes Photography Gideon de Kock
"Pink" (2020) by Gideon de Kock - Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

I am enjoying this imagined story of this por-por in her worn, pink quilted jacket, textured brown trousers and Chanel J12 watch (is it a knock-off, I wonder?). She is fashion-forward in her age, and it goes to show that true style never fades.

Pink Matter - Vivien Liu

“Pink Matter” (2016) by Bamboo Scenes Photography Vivien Liu
"Pink Matter" (2016) by Vivien Liu - Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

I love the soft morning glow rising over Central and Wanchai. This is often the most calm and peaceful time to be walking around in the city streets, accompanied only by street cleaners and other rare early risers. The photograph feels like a gentle calm before the storm, or the waking of a sleeping beast.

Old Ride, New Splash - Jeremy Cheung

“Old Ride, New Splash” (2020) by Bamboo Scenes Photography Jeremy Cheung
"Old Ride, New Splash" (2020) by Jeremy Cheung - Central, Hong Kong

Every time I take a ride on the Star Ferry, it’s like stepping back in time. It’s incredible that they have retained the original ferry design for over 100 years. It’s truly one of the most iconic cultural symbols of Hong Kong— you can enjoy it for HK$3.20.

An Island - Kelvin Yuen

“An Island” (2020) by Bamboo Scenes Photography Kelvin Yuen
"An Island" (2020) by Kelvin Yuen - Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

Ma-On Shan is one of my favorite hikes in Hong Kong. This shot makes it look very epic and almost prehistoric, like a mysterious island rising out of a dream.

Urban Ceremony - Kevin Mak

“Urban Ceremony ” (2017) by Bamboo Scenes Photography Kevin Mak
"Urban Ceremony" (2017) by Kevin Mak - Sai Wan, Hong Kong

I like the curve of the overpass bridge and bamboo scaffolding of the pavilion below. I used to watch performances with my grandparents during Chinese New Year and this brings me back to that time.

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