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Bamboo Scenes Videos: Bringing Art to Life Through Storytelling

Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Contrasts Exhibition (June 2021)
Bamboo Scenes Hong Kong Contrasts exhibition (June 2021)

At Bamboo Scenes, our mission has always been to infuse our photography art prints with behind-the-scenes storytelling. We want to give you more than just something nice to look at. That’s why we are constantly innovating, finding cool, exciting, and new ways to take you beyond the visual of our stunning art prints. We work with the most exciting local artists and have curated an incredible selection of stunning photographs, all of which have a story to tell. To bring all of this to life, we create carefully written articles—check out our Journal articles for our latest!—and captivating videos.

We believe in making and sharing concise videos that capture the essence of our artists and photography art prints and tell their stories in a very compelling way. We also know you don’t want to sit around watching people go on and on about obscure topics. That’s why we keep our videos to about a minute each and hone in on the most engaging themes and stories about art in Hong Kong.

Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Kevin Mak - Hong Kong
Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Kevin Mak - Hong Kong

With the world constantly changing over the last two years, we found videos to be a fun, creative way to connect with our customers worldwide. (By the way, did you know that Bamboo Scenes’ art prints can now be found in over 50 countries? We’re pretty proud of that fact!) By telling the stories of our artists and art in personality-filled, easy-to-watch videos, we feel we’re succeeding in this mission (but if there’s something we’re missing, we’d love to hear from you!). After all, don’t you think that sipping a glass of wine on your couch in New York City while watching your favorite Bamboo Scenes artist talk about their favorite parts of Hong Kong is a great way to plug into the local art scene? We certainly do!

Our Artist Videos

Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Kelvin Yuen - Hong Kong
Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Kelvin Yuen - Hong Kong

Earlier this year, we launched a video series with our collective of Bamboo Scenes artists. You may have seen snippets of them already on social media, but if you haven’t, you can catch the entire playlist on our YouTube channel. In each video, our up-for-anything videography team accompanies one of our talented artists to delve into the city and its natural surroundings to discover their unique perspectives on Hong Kong.

Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Vivien Liu - Hong Kong
Bamboo Scenes Photography Artist Vivien Liu - Hong Kong

Head out into the mountains with the 2020 Landscape Photographer of the Year, Kelvin Yuen, and explore his favorite natural scenes in Hong Kong or discover the city’s hidden urban depths by delving through the streets and architecture with Vivien Liu. These are just some of the exciting journeys you can go on with our artist videos.

Behind the Scenes

Bamboo Scenes Team Behind the Scenes
Bamboo Scenes team behind the scenes

Want to get an authentic look at what life at Bamboo Scenes is like? No problem! We’re constantly creating videos that take you behind the scenes at our latest exhibitions and pop-ups so you can feel like you’re there—even if you can’t make it in real life! We’re also working on exciting videos that give you a closer look inside the studios of our talented local craftsmen by going into their studios and watching them print and frame our photography—this is why we’re so proud of our promise of exclusivity and quality!

RAW by Bamboo Scenes

Bamboo Scenes founder behind the scenes
Bamboo Scenes Founder behind the scenes

We receive a lot of questions about our brand, our art, and our artists (we love our inquisitive clients!). That’s why we decided this year was the right time to launch “RAW by Bamboo Scenes.” Established in November 2021 and headed by our founder, Madelon de Grave, “RAW” is a series of short, fun videos that offer a deep dive into everything Bamboo Scenes. It’s our way of answering everyone’s questions and responding to the growing demand to learn more about our brand and art.

Each week we share one-minute vlog-style videos about our art, artists, and design on our social media (hint: keep an eye on our Instagram account!). So far, we’ve offered an in-depth look at “An Island” by Kelvin Yuen and shared five reasons we love to capture Hong Kong through our cameras. There’s plenty more to come, including some exciting guest vloggers, so stay tuned!

Golden Days by artists Elaine Li - highlights of Hong Kong exhibition
Golden Days by Artist Elaine Li - Highlights of Hong Kong exhibition

Very soon, a new “RAW” video will take you behind the scenes of our exclusive collaborative exhibition at Indigo Living. You’ll be taken on a fully immersive experience of our pop-up exhibition at the brand’s Landmark Prince’s Building store featuring two of our artists—Kevin Mak and Elaine Li. Elaine even flew back from Australia (and quarantined!) to shoot the video and connect with art lovers in the city!

Bamboo Scenes Artists Elaine Li & Kevin Mak - Highlights of Hong Kong exhibition
Bamboo Scenes Artists Elaine Li & Kevin Mak - Highlights of Hong Kong exhibition

There’s plenty more engaging video content to come as we wrap up the year and dive into 2022, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel now, so you don’t miss anything! And, as always, if there’s something you’d like to see, just reach out and tell us!

This holiday are you looking to explore Hong Kong with  your camera? Check out our recent journal where are our Bamboo Scenes Artists share their favourite places to shoot around town.


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