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Photographer Jeremy Cheung on Capturing Hong Kong

For Jeremy Cheung, photography is a way of capturing Hong Kong’s history and stories through a unique perspective. Over the last 10 years, the passionate artist has made photographs that...

Expert Advice

5 Tips For Choosing Your Photography Art Print

Whether they meet us at our exhibitions in Hong Kong or find us in a Google search for great photography art for their homes, people always ask us the same...

Art at Work

Art in the Workplace: A Booster for Creativity and Productivity

Imagine a world where everyone is excited to come to work and spend the day in the office. Where you’re consistently motivated to think creatively, have the energy to think out...

Photography Art

Is Photography the Art of the 21st Century?

In the 21st century, when many of us live our lives through the lens of a camera and Instagram filter, photography can sometimes get a bad rep. Naysayers would argue...

The Journal

Hong Kong Street Photographer Elaine Li

Photographer Elaine Li On Her Artistic Journey

You probably already follow Elaine Li on Instagram. As one of Hong Kong’s best known photographers, Li has racked up over 260,000 social media followers with her detailed-focused photography that...

Vivienne Tang jumping in front of bedroom art on the wall by Vivien Liu

Bamboo Scenes Begins a New Chapter

Get ready, Hong Kong! Bamboo Scenes is kicking off a brand new chapter this summer with the launch of an elevated brand concept and exciting new exhibition in an incredible...

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