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The Bamboo Scenes Commitment to Quality and Exclusivity

At Bamboo Scenes, we work hard to ensure that our photography art prints are truly something special. And while we have curated a collective of eight incredible photographers that produce indelible images of Hong Kong, our commitment to quality and exclusivity goes beyond just what you see in our art prints. To make sure that our photography art goes the distance, we produce our art prints with a few hidden secrets. So, whether you choose one of our fine art prints for wall decor in your Hong Kong home or as a memorable birthday present or farewell gift, you know you’re getting a truly exquisite piece. 

Bedroom Photography Wall Art Vivienne Tang Hong Kong
Bedroom wall art: " Dreaming of Pink" by Vivien Liu


Incredible Images 

Bamboo Scenes aims to bring incredible Hong Kong photography to a wider audience. Not only do we have wide-ranging expertise in photography and art, but we also have deep ties to the local art community, so we’re always ahead of the game when it comes to discovering and revealing the best local art and artists. We put a lot of emphasis on building a truly exceptional collection of photography art, and that’s why we work with an exclusive selection of locally-based artists. Not only do we try to curate photography art prints that capture the essence of Hong Kong, but we look for artists and artworks that have a story to tell.   

Hong Kong Street Photographer Artist Kevin Mak Urban Landscape"One Thousand Sunset Stories" by Bamboo Scenes artist Kevin Mak

That’s why all of our eight artists are professionals who have honed their own unique styles and become pioneers in their field. In addition, they all have personal stories—about their own photography journeys and each of their photographs. These stories are part of what makes a Bamboo Scenes art print so special.

Not only do we try to curate photography art prints that capture the essence of Hong Kong, but we look for artists and artworks that have a story to tell.   

Prints That Last

Now that you’ve chosen your wonderful street photography (or perhaps landscape photography!) of Hong Kong, it’s time for us to create your bespoke artwork. At Bamboo Scenes, that means beginning with carefully sourced Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Specifically, we use the Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Bright White.

Hong Kong Photography Art Bamboo Scenes Fine Art Frame 'Classic' Framed Fine Art Print "Signs of an Era" by artist Jeremy Cheung

One of the highest quality art print papers in the world, this cotton art paper has been created especially for Fine Art printing. An exclusive inkjet coating helps create incredible depth for our art prints and builds a three-dimensional look that really makes our photography art prints of Hong Kong come alive with vibrant colors. The result is an incredibly vivid museum-quality art print that holds on to its ink—there’ll be no fading photographs here! 

At Bamboo Scenes, we use carefully sourced Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, one of the highest quality art print papers in the world.

Frames That Protect

The next step in our mission to create high-quality, lasting photography art is framing. That’s why we don’t just grab a cheap Ikea frame and call it a day! Instead, each one of our frames is made to order and hand-finished by skilled local craftsmen. This ensures that each frame is exactly what our client wants and perfectly suits the dimension of your chosen art print. 

As part of our aim to deliver on quality and exclusivity, we give clients several choices when it comes to frames. First of all, you can choose from three colors—Black, White, and Natural Wood—so that your bespoke frame really complements your art print. 

Fine Art Photography Framer Bamboo Scenes Hong KongCustom Bamboo Scenes Art Frame hand-finished by skilled local craftsmen

Then, we offer two types of framing: Premium and Museum. Both will work very, very well to protect and present your art print in high style. But, the Museum Quality framing is of a level that you’d see...well, in a museum. Below, we highlight the main differences between the two framing styles: 

  • Premium frames incorporate high-quality acrylic covers, and Museum frames feature UV99 Art Glass that works extra hard to protect your art print from fading and does not offer a reflection from any angle.

  • Premium frames use a foam board backing, while Museum frames use sturdier Aluminium composite panels with plywood.  
Bamboo Scenes Fine Art Photography Frame Handmade Hong KongBamboo Scenes Museum Black Frame, "Light of Mercy" by Kevin Mak

No matter which type of framing you choose, you can rest assured that your art prints will look amazing and will be very presentable, no matter whether they’re destined to be wall art in your apartment or a treasured Hong Kong souvenir! 

Authenticity Guaranteed 

At Bamboo Scenes, we believe in quality over quantity. That’s why we only produce a limited run of 50 art prints for each of the photographs in our collection. And, these are divided over the four art print sizes we offer. We promise to only ever print 50 editions of a specific photograph, so you know your artwork is truly exclusive.

To take our commitment to authenticity one step further, every single one of our art prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and has the print number on the lower right corner of your art print.

Fine Art Photography Paper Limited Edition Bamboo Scenes Hong KongLimited Edition Fine Art Photography Print by Bamboo Scenes

We guarantee to only ever print 50 editions of a specific photograph, so you know your artwork is truly exclusive

Want to learn more about our commitment to quality and exclusivity, or perhaps just learn how we can help you create a bespoke piece of Hong Kong photography art? We’re always happy to have a chat, so just reach out to us at 


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