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Gideon de Kock


  • Born in South Africa
  • Film Photographer
  • Never leaves home without his camera
  • Finds bananas the best fruit of all time
  • Hopes he was a drummer in a past life

Gideon de Kock is a South African street and commercial photographer based in Hong Kong. What began as a way to scratch a creative itch evolved into something far more when he began documenting the streets of Hong Kong with film. With a photography style that has developed from confrontational and candid to more detailed-oriented investigations, Gideon has built a distinct perspective of contemporary urban environments. His skillful framings and compositions magically turn objects into decorative ornaments and elevate the banal.

Gideon’s goal is to put the mundane on a pedestal, giving voice to underappreciated objects and moments. Sometimes comedic and with a hint of philosophy and existentialism, his images try to make sense of the people and things that make up this chaotic world and offer a more sensitive visual representation of Hong Kong. Playing fast and loose with his camera, Gideon’s adaptive style is candid, documentative, and decidedly street.


Style: Film, Documentative Scenes & Street


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