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May N Kasahara


  • Born in the world
  • Based in Hong Kong
  • Uses her camera as a tool
  • A particular artist
  • Maintains her privacy…

May is an interesting individual. She moved to Hong Kong amidst unexpected circumstances while traveling across China. Her approach to photography is much like her attitude to life—experimental, spontaneous, and of the moment. She never intended to be a photographer, and prefers not to use the label. Instead, using the camera as a tool, she prefers to try to make thoughts, emotions, and fleeting moments tangible through photography and digital manipulation. There’s no style, theme, or special meaning in her work, and she doesn’t aim to inspire. Whatever resonates with the viewer, that’s what she wants them to take from her images.

Her personal collection for Bamboo Scenes, “TSH,” is very significant. It marks the end of an era in her life. What was before is now just a memory, as distorted and biased as photography itself. All pictures show a female body contrasted with the city’s urban structures.

Style: Urban Scenes & Feminine Energy


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