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Sharon Liu


  • Grew up in Hong Kong
  • Passionate Photographer
  • Avid Yogi
  • Mommy to 1 baby and 2 cats
  • Usually prefers plants over humans

While living in New York, Sharon developed an unconditional love for photography as a way to capture the moment and document her point of view and vision of the world while everything around her was changing. Shooting gave her the ability to make any moment linger for a lifetime. As she strongly believes in chasing your dreams, Sharon thrives on the power of images to retrieve particular emotions and moments, and to provide the chance to fully express yourself.

Sharon likes to transport her audience from their current reality to another dimension through her photographs. She finds inspiration in moments that make her stop, listen, and think, and hopes to inspire her audiences to live in the moment as she does.

Sharon’s Hong Kong is a melting pot, full of excitement, opportunities, diversity, colors, and layers. The emotions and connections that bond her with people in the city are intense and, at times, multi-layers. To Sharon, Hong Kong is the kind of city where you can truly live life. It’s an uplifting lifestyle that’s at once energetic yet draining, overwhelming yet liberating. All these layers are pieces of the puzzle she embraces and represent her life in the city.


Style: Urban, Flirtatious City & Dreams


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