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Our Photography Artists

Meet our exclusive selection of the most exciting local artists. Our award-winning photography artists are pioneers in their field and capture the essence of their home— Hong Kong.

Elaine Li

As one of Hong Kong’s best known photographers, Elaine Li has racked up over 260,000 social media followers with her detailed-focused photography that captures the soul of a city.

Kelvin Yuen

As a National Geographic award-winning photographer, Kelvin Yuen captures ​​a unique, ethereal style of landscape photography that presents a little-seen side of Hong Kong.

Vivien Liu

Award-winning artist Vivien Liu channels her love of architecture into a passion for photography, with a particular affinity for capturing urban scenes in the world’s most inspiring cities.

Jeremy Cheung

A researcher turned photographer, Jeremy Cheung has won international acclaim for his intriguing way of capturing Hong Kong’s history and stories through a unique perspective.

Kevin Mak

Aa a photographer and architect in Hong Kong, Kevin Mak captures Hong Kong’s unique layering of history and cultures, capturing the city’s urban scenes and timeless charm.

Gideon de Kock

A South African street and film photographer based in Hong Kong, Gideon de Kock’s collection features a distinctive style where he elevates the banal and turns mundane objects into true art.

Sharon Liu

With an unconditional love for photography, Sharon Liu transports you from your current reality to another dimension, showcasing that Hong Kong is the kind of city where you can truly live life.

May N. Kasahara

Her approach to photography is much like her attitude to life - experimental and spontaneous. May Kasahara’s art collection features a female body contrasted with the city’s urban structures.


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