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Curator's Choice

Mei Ming Leung

Manager at Bamboo Scenes


Welcome to our ‘Curator’s Choice’ - a special series dedicated to help you navigate through our curated collection. 

I am a Chinese-Australian art & culture enthusiast who was born in Sydney and grew up in Hong Kong. And I have always been fascinated in how artists can capture a single moment in time or narrative to express an array of emotions or to tell a story. 

I am drawn to Bamboo Scenes because the focus isn’t just about capturing the city, but there is focus on sharing the stories of our artists and the stories of the city through photography.

My passion for the arts led me to doing a Masters in Museums & Galleries and the Creative Economy in London. I have gained practical gallery, creative business and events experience gained through roles at art galleries, an arts & event PR consultancy, co-working, and private members club.

Bamboo Scenes artists have shown me areas of the city that I have never seen. And now I invite you to discover some of my favourite photographs from our curated art collection


Thanks to Bamboo Scenes’ sharp eye for spotting local talents I have discovered and learnt about so many promising names waiting to make their mark on the global art world.


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