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Light of Mercy

North Point (2018)

Faint sunlight is reflected into the small apartments of this Hong Kong residential building, creating a “Light of Mercy” for residents who would normally not enjoy much natural light. The scattered, distorted patterns create a surreal look, while the image itself captures the way people here live dynamic lives in close proximity.

Large: 58x73cm
Edition of 50
Hahnemühle Photo Rag®, 310gsm 100% Cotton

Experience this artwork with Kevin & Elaine:

Artist: Kevin Mak

An award-winning Hong Kong photographer and architect, Kevin Mak captures Hong Kong from unique urban and spatial perspectives. His art embraces the layers of history and blending of cultures that Hong Kong represents, capturing this in a timeless yet modern style. Through his striking images, Kevin aims to showcase the quiet calm that lies under the city’s chaotic, crowded veneer.

Kevin has received broad recognition for his work and is engaged in preserving Hong Kong’s streetscapes and urban aesthetics.


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