Stephanie Teng

Stephanie's photographic journey began when she discovered film photography in college and fell in love with how the medium transcended time and space. The photographic process allowed her to navigate life by playing the role of both the actor and the spectator, which redefined the way she interacted with the world. Through crafting simple visual narratives, Stephanie hopes to create common ground for emotional connection by conveying her ideas through a universal visual language.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, and spending her college years in the US, Stephanie's perspective of Hong Kong has gone through just as many ups and downs as the city itself has. From its colonial days to its current struggle after the return to China, it is through the search for identity that Hongkongers have found unparalleled strength and pride. The “can-do” spirit and relentless positivity of the people is what moulded Stephanie into the person she is today. In her eyes, Hong Kong is a blank canvas for anyone who is up for challenging its vertical limits, regardless of where you are from.

Stephanie’s collection for Bamboo Scenes is titled ‘Synchronicity’. It embodies the spirit of seeing the world as a place where powerful parallels can grow out of the most ordinary moments. It offers an alternate reality to the concrete jungle we all feel trapped in sometimes. Stephanie challenges her audience to look for beauty beyond their expectations by inspiring appreciation in quiet serendipity.

Style: Minimal, Curious & Subtle


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