Timmy Lo

You might not believe it, when we tell that Timmy only started with photography 4 years ago with the launch of Instagram. Something that once felt like a hobby behind closed doors, now gained a vital medium to share his unique minimalist views of geometrical structures and love for architecture to a broader audience.

The Hong Kong of Timmy is simply what he calls Home. An unconditional affection for a city, that according to him is like no other metropolitan around the world. Although it might seem to just be a tiny ‘dot’ on the map, Hong Kong is densely populated and tall skyscrapers are forever trying to fit into every inch of this tiny city. Here you can find modern and traditional structures harmoniously co-existing with one another.

As an interior designer, Timmy developed a strong sense for Minimalism. His photography style reflects this as a minimalist view through the density of Hong Kong. Timmy is in constant search of a sense of calmness in the city’s hustling and bustling. He intends to create a sense of life in his clean photographs, by incorporating human elements. In a city where most people might feel that there is neither space nor time for them to ‘breathe’, Timmy challenges them to stop, to look up and to take the time appreciating how simple life should be.

Style: Minimal & Clean


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